Head In The Clouds

by Brother Bear

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released September 21, 2010



all rights reserved


Brother Bear Santa Rosa, California

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Track Name: Dreamcatcher
i am a dreamcatcher
chewing on stars with my baby teeth
standing on scraped knees, believer
believing in me i am gone
a head in the clouds kind of life
afraid of the floor, a thousand closed doors and a fast fading light
"i think i can, i think i can"
so i’ll climb
everything wilts in the changing of times
the gardens we plant in our lives and we reach for the sky
i cant sleep, in the wake of these dreams i am terrified
catching my breath i’m alive
feeling the first time i am worth it,
the fistful of summer i throw in the amber
echoing back an answer in perfect time
i’ll follow the same stars and the same signs a million times
but it all fades away cause nothing can stay
i am a dreamcatcher
Track Name: Last Breath
this isn't the end
i can still feel you, i still hear your footsteps
the sound of your silence still screaming inside you
if i could make time stand still
I'd capture this moment, I'd replay your last breath
again again again again again
your whisper's in the wind but i cant decipher it
am i alive or am i dreaming?
and if I'm alive why aren't i breathing?
is there nothing left?
how is this living if we're living to die?
oh messy life, why do i try?
or are we infinite, every moment precious?
oh messy life, why do i try?
why do i write in your fading light?
this isn't the end
i can still feel you, i can still hear you
give me your anchor, I'll carry it for you
i will never let you down
i would never let you drown
cause i still feel you
and i still need you
i still feel you
can you feel me too?
Track Name: Tigerlilly
I'm breathing in this understanding
with tight fists I'm letting go of artifacts
jaded, misanthropic
with tired eyes I'm giving in to giving up
painting horizons on this heavy heart
with broken arms i will try to lift you up
shaking withered hope in ancient bones
i am lost inside kaleidoscope eyes
i am lost
i am gone
sadness is a song and its covered in mud
and its hard to sing with this dirt in my lungs
heavy breathing, i tried to keep you here with me
shaking, I'm alone and i have hope
i am lost inside kaleidoscope eyes
oh how hard i tried
i am gone
send me to sea
floating away, i cant breathe
buried i memories, i am gone
all the sad things sing along
through the bilge in their lungs
sweeter than sugar
with a mouthful of blood
i am gone
i am a haunted home
you left me on my own
its all I've ever known
Track Name: Nothing Stays
in awe I'm sinking through the floor
a hopeless heart bursting through a paper thin chest
attaching memories and dreams to the same old songs and sounds
shaking, disappearing in the flood
watching an amber sun sink west
watercolors, brilliance, and everything that is will wash away
where do we go?
where is the floor?
how will i know that I've found my home?
we all die alone
we're waiting and wishing, loving and screaming like children
erasing, embracing, enduring and we're screaming like children
the fog rolls in, the summer fades
the seasons spin and these bodies age
our pictures hang in elaborate frames
our feelings change and nothing stays
cause nothing stays, we all float away
our voices change and we love in vain
where do we go?
where is the floor?
how will i know that I've found my home?
we all die alone